Episcopal Cursillos
in Dallas & Fort Worth

Cursillo is a movement of the Church. The Cursillo Weekend is a time for renewal, refreshment, and recommitment to living for Christ. Through talks given by both lay and clergy, small group discussions, worship and the sacraments, participants on the weekend come away with the tools to help them lead a more Christ-centered life. As a result, they become more effective in bringing Christ to others and others closer to Christ to spread the kingdom of God throughout their neighborhood and the world – the duty of all Christians. These tools are maintained and sharpened through the 4th Day activities of Group Reunions, Ultreya and Spiritual Direction.

It was 1973 when the first Cursillo was held in the Dioceses of Dallas and Ft. Worth. Since then, Cursillistas in Dallas and Fort Worth have taken Cursillo to the British Isles, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as introduced it to the Lutheran community . It is now provided in Spanish and also adapted for the inner city ministries.

The Cursillo Weekend

The Cursillo Weekend is a time to focus on what is fundamental for being a Christian and to learn the Cursillo method. it is the springboard to living the Fourth Day. The three-day weekend brings together a group of Episcopalians and Anglicans to share the richness of worship and to broaden each one’s appreciation for the Church. Lay people conduct the weekend with two or three members of the clergy functioning as spiritual advisors. In the course of the weekend, a series of 15 talks are given with emphasis on the doctrine of Grace, the Sacraments, and the Cursillo Foundations: Piety, Study and Action. Table groups discuss and respond to these talks. The Eucharist is celebrated daily, and the Daily Offices are used. Some time is provided for prayer, confession, and spiritual direction. There is also fellowship, singing, good food, time for privacy, meditation and prayer.


The cost for the weekend is $200. Financial assistance is available.

Online registration: Registrations are handled by our event hosts. Select the weekend you wish to attend (at right or below for smaller devices) for the appropriate online registration link.


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