Re-imagining Cursillo

Cursillo began with a need—to bring together active, committed Christians to evangelize the environments where they lived and worked. They prayed together and planned new ways to spread faith in Christ. The earliest weekends focused on the fundamentals of being a Christian and emphasized the practical commitment to be a witness for Christ in the world. The Cursillo Weekend has been an emotional and life-changing time for many.

In introducing a Reimagined Weekend, the goal remains unchanged: to prepare people for a Fourth Day life, centered on small groups, living a mature life in Christ, as an active witness for Christ in the world. Focusing on the Fourth Day, the Secretariat explored ways to more effectively bring the people of this generation into a Fourth Day life. The Reimagined Weekend currently under development is central to this effort.

The flow of the Reimagined Weekend addresses the busy-ness of a new generation, with a new attitude, best summarized by the invitation, “Welcome! Come, walk with us, and take a break from the world.”

Honoring the Past

For over 40 years the DFW Cursillo Movement successfully raised up Christ centered leaders. Participants on the weekend learned how to live into their Baptismal covenant and become more effective in bringing Christ to others and others closer to Christ.

Honoring the past, a Reimagined Weekend builds on the goals, principles and success of Cursillo. The flow and content of this weekend is designed to meet the following primary goals:

  • Immerse participants in Anglican Spirituality
  • Create a Christ-centered community
  • Live responsibly into the Baptismal Covenant
  • Introduce a Rule of Life through a variety of spiritual disciplines
  • Provide space to rest and reflect
  • Model the benefit of small groups
  • Encourage daily, environmental evangelism
  • Target younger adults
  • Serve the local parish
  • Provide the ability to repeat the weekend

Preparing Leaders for the Local Church

The flow of the Reimagined Weekend, is designed to be more collaborative between participants and presenters, with time set aside for meditation and individual exploration. It is offered in three days rather than four, and it will be possible to repeat the weekend.

Day One: Introspection

Friday evening participants and their sponsors are welcomed to enjoy dinner together. The teaching begins after Evening Prayer. Participants consider where they are in their relationship with God, and the day ends with silence.

Day Two: Life in Christ

Morning Prayer and an introduction to Reconciliation focuses the teachings on how living a Life in Christ relates to individual ministry. The day includes an Instructed Eucharist and a block of guided free time for further exploration on a variety of Spiritual Disciplines.

Day Three: Life in the World

Morning Prayer begins Sunday, focusing on Apostleship and sharing faith with others. The weekend closes with a Renewal of Baptismal Vows.

Guided Break Time

The Guided Break Time offers additional teaching as well as flexibility in the weekend. Participants may further their journey by learning new and possibly different ways to pray and worship. During this time the participant has free time to reflect, return to their room, walk, or attend as many breakout sessions – spiritual exercises – as they desire. Some examples are:

The Examen An updated approach to daily reflection.

Prayer Room A meditative environment with candles and soft music lends itself to Visitation.

Anglican Rosary Learn how to make and pray the rosary.

Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) Learn this traditional Benedictine practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's Word. It does not treat Scripture as texts to be studied, but as the Living Word.

Praying in Color Introducing an active, visual, and meditative form of intercessory prayer.

Journal Writing Learning methods of journaling a conversation with God